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Let's be honest, here: This website is sort of a glorified bio, so there isn't that much more to put on a bio page, is there? I mean, if you click each of those links above, you're going to get the broad strokes. Theater, movie stuff, writing, comedy — that's what you need to know. Nevertheless, you're here, so ... here are some other facts, I suppose?

Sean was born in 1985 in Pittsburgh, to Gene and Gerry Collier. Yes, that makes him a bit younger than you had figured. This keeps coming up. It's the hair, he's told. He grew up in the North Hills, attended Penn State University and has bounced around Pittsburgh neighborhoods since then. He currently lives in the South Side.


Beyond that ... hmm. I mean, it would be easy just to delete these paragraphs, but the space seems to be asking for more. Okay. Sean is an avid pro wrestling fan, and has traveled to the last nine Royal Rumble events (and one Wrestlemania). The most famous artists Sean has seen in concert are The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Prince, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Sean's favorite video game is Earthbound.

Sean's movie-review duties prevent him from watching television as much as he likes, so he probably hasn't seen (and won't get around to) your favorite show. The same goes for old movies, but he's trying. Basketball is his preferred sport, though home teams pretty much always lose when he gets to a game. Sean is a fan of haunted attractions and tries to get to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando each year, accompanied by his wonderful girlfriend, Mary Beth; he briefly worked at the world-famous ScareHouse, including a stint as yinzer zombie Donnie of the Dead. He can run a bit. A half marathon is a distant goal. That kills about enough space, doesn't it? Yeah, I'd say that does it. If you have any further questions (and what would they be at this point), use the form or links below.

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